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“Jocelyn Pook’s musical composition is spine-tingling and gripping from the beginning of the play.” BROADWAY WORLD

“Jocelyn Pook’s stunning score that reflects the entire production in combining the Shakespearean and the modern with an alchemy that creates theatrical gold.”

In 2014, Jocelyn was approached about writing the music for a production of King Charles III, captured by Mike Bartlett’s brilliant and original script, it was a project she could not say no too. Her “fine ceremonial chorus” (The Observer) and “suitably epic” (What’s On Stage) music, has accompanied the production which has appeared on London’s West End, toured nationally around the UK, and is now enjoying a critically acclaimed Broadway run in 2015.

“From the outset we felt that the contemporary setting, infused with the weight of history and monarchy, would need to be reflected in the music; a fusion of ancient and modern. We also knew that there would be moments where the music was choral and transcendent (Mike had indicated this in certain places in the script, such as the funeral and coronation scenes) but that it should also embody aspects of a more irreverent, multi-cultural Britain. I enjoyed playing with these diverse elements, particularly when, after an initial vocal session with the cast, I found that they were all unusually strong singers and that I had an excellent ready-made choir at my disposal. I also had the choice of including two instruments to be performed live in the show, so I opted for oboe with its plangent tone and regal resonances, and cello which can be so versatile with its low-end grittiness and energy as well as its plaintive expressiveness.” Jocelyn Pook

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“The production contains interludes that feature an enthralling score by Jocelyn Pook, evoking by turns Philip Glass and Gregorian chant, but with a portentous swell that serves as a kind of contemporary Greek chorus for the action.”

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01 Requiem For A Queen
02 The Protest
03 The Dissolution
04 House Of Commons
05 The Ghost
06 The Meeting
07 Coronation

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Jocelyn Pook: viola, keyboards, voice, organ

Belinda Sykes: oboe, voice

Anna-Helena McLean: cello

Melanie Pappenheim: voice

Voya Zivkovic: voice

Richard Goulding: voice

Harvey Brough: voice

All music composed and arranged by Jocelyn Pook

Music produced by Jocelyn Pook and Steve Parr

Recorded and mixed by Steve Parr