Something Dangerous (2003)
Natacha Atlas
Adam's Lullaby
OVO The Millennium Show (2000)
Peter Gabriel - Low Light, The Time of the Turning, The Weaver's Reel, Downside Up, The Nest that Sailed the Sky
Real World Records RWPGO1
Liquid Sunshine - Keziah Jones (1999)
Hello Heavenly, Runaway,Teardrops Will Fall Delabel
Friday the Thirteenth - The Stranglers (1997)
Waltz in Black,Valley of the Birds, Daddy's Riding the Range, Golden Brown, No More Heroes
Eagle Records
Jam Nation (1993)
Way Down Buffalo Hell - Sleeping , She Moved Through The Fair
Real World Records
Order CD
Jam Nation - Plus from Us (1993)
Real World Records