Jocelyn began her career in experimental theatre and dance, both as a performer with Impact Theatre Co-operative and Lumière and Son and then as a composer with DV8 Physical Theatre and O Vertigo Danse. She has since worked with a number of artists and companies including: Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Company, Pete Brooks, Bobby Baker, Jane Dudley, Gillian Lacey, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Wayne MacGregor (for his BBC2 short film, Horizone). In 2003 she received a British Composer Award (Multi-Media) for the music-theatre piece Speaking in Tunes, a collaboration with visual artist Dragan Aleksic and director Graeme Miller. In 2008 Jocelyn received a further accolade, winning an Olivier Award (Best Music and Sound Design) for the critically acclaimed National Theatre production of St Joan, starring Anne-Marie Duff.


King Charles III (2014)

King Charles III

NB Studios

“The tone is set cleverly by composer Jocelyn Pook’s minimalist Requiem”

“The evening opens to a fine ceremonial chorus composed by Jocelyn Pook.”

“Jocelyn Pook’s stunning score… [combines] the Shakespearean and the modern with an alchemy that creates theatrical gold.”

Jocelyn composed the score for this new play by Mike Bartlett, exploring the people beneath the crowns, the unwritten rules of our democracy, and the conscience of Britain’s most famous family.

The Queen is dead: after a lifetime of waiting, the prince ascends the throne. A future of power. But how to rule?

2 September – 29 November 2014
Wyndhams Theatre, London

Lest We Forget (2014)


“Jocelyn Pook’s percussive score hit the chest:
with the hollow punch of a gun report.”

“The women whirr and stamp,
following the beat in Jocelyn Pook’s impressive score.”

“Jocelyn Pook’s new score is perfectly in tune with the dance,
her beautiful melodies astride a train of thrilling percussion.”

Jocelyn created the score for a new dance piece choreographed by Akram Khan for English National Ballet marking the centenary of the First World War. Her source material includes an archive recording of Edward Dwyer, a corporal in the British army. In 1916, Dwyer was recorded talking about his life as a soldier and singing a marching song, ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here,’ invented by soldiers. He was killed in action later that year, making the scratchy archive recording even more poignant. In Jocelyn’s piece, the voice of counter-tenor Jonathan Peter Kenny acts as a counterpoint to the recording of Dwyer singing. Her works will be performed by the English National Ballet orchestra.

Lest We Forget included commissions by award-winning British contemporary choreographers Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant and up-and-coming classical ballet choreographer Liam Scarlett reflecting the moving and powerful impact of the First World War on those setting off to fight and those left behind.

iTMOi (2013)

© Richard Haughton

© Richard Haughton

Following the success of their award-winning collaboration DESH, Jocelyn worked with Akram Khan again for a new production, iTMOi (in the mind of igor). Jocelyn Pook and fellow composers Nitin Sawhney and Ben Frost created an original score to commemorate the centenary of Igor Stravinsky’s seminal ballet The Rite of Spring, which was performed exactly 100 years after the original, riotous premiere in Paris.

The Rite of Spring caused uproar when it opened at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées on 29 May 1913, due to the avant-garde nature of Stravinsky’s music, Vaslav Nijinsky’s anarchic choreography and Nicholas Roerich’s vibrant costumes and stage designs. The work depicts a pagan ritual – an imaginary ancient tribe sacrifices a young virgin to appease the god of spring, by forcing her to dance herself to death.

iTMOi forms part of a Stravinsky-led trilogy of works at Sadler’s Wells entitled A String of Rites. The piece received its world premiere at MC2: Grenoble in France, where Khan is an Associate Artist in a special co-operation with Sadler’s Wells.

Bench, by Jennifer Muller (2013)



Bench, a new choreography by Jennifer Muller, was set to 11 of Jocelyn’s works and toured in Holland and Belgium as part of MODERNE MEISJES.

In the sparkling programme MODERNE MEISJES, Introdans presented three ‘grand old ladies’ of American dance: Lucinda Childs, Jennifer Muller and Twyla Tharp.

Bench by Jennifer Muller is inspired by the film An Inconvenient Truth, by the former presidential candidate Al Gore and includes impressive film images. Muller’s choreography is about guilt and grace and depicts the ecological devastation of the earth as a consequence of destructive human behaviour. It’s a work of enchanting beauty that will not fail to move audiences.

DESH (2011)

In 2011, Jocelyn collaborated with Akram Khan on his new project, DESH (homeland), creating a “musical score that surprises at every turn, mixing found material from field trips in Bangladesh with lyrical chants and hymns” (Luke Jennings, The Observer).
Find out more about DESH…

Out of Water (2012)

Jocelyn composed a sound-score for Out of Water.

The singers are out of breath
The swimmers are out of their depth

At Holkham Beach in Norfolk the sea glistens mirage-like in the distance. In the early morning light a group of singers and swimmers strike out towards the water’s edge until they span the wide expanse of beach. They each look towards the sea, eyes intent, focused on the horizon, searching for something. Is somebody lost at sea?

Created by Helen Paris and Caroline Wright. Stories of endeavour, of swimming, of sinking, interweave with haunting music, lifeguard drills, calls for help and struggles for breath.

Out of Water was part of the London 2012 Festival. It can next be seen on Portobello Beach, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, from 8-10 August 2014.