‘The music of Jocelyn Pook‘, the theme of the CajaCanarias Filmoteca cycle for the month of November. 

Jocelyn Pook Ensemble performed a concert in Tenerife on the 30th November, as part of a month long film programme ‘Filmoteca CajaCanarias’. The festival dedicated November’s programme to ‘the music of Jocelyn Pook’ and  screened four of the films that Jocelyn wrote scores for: Eyes Wide Shut, Merchant Of Venice, and two films by the Spanish director Julio Medem, Caotica Ana and Room In Rome. 

Accompanied by some of her regular collaborators, musicians; Melanie Pappenheim, Tanja Tzarovska, Jonathan Peter Kenny, Laura Moody, Kelly McCusker, Jon Banks, the film and concert details can be found here.