Jocelyn Pook is bringing her multimedia song-cycle Hearing Voices to Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, King’s Cross on 6 August. Created from a mixture of recorded testimony and texts, Hearing Voices uses the words written by Jocelyn’s aunt Phyllis Williams during her 25 years of incarceration in an asylum, as well as the recorded words of artists Bobby Baker, Julie McNamara and Jocelyn’s mother Mary Pook, documenting their own experiences with mental health.

Whilst creating Hearing Voices, Jocelyn was inspired by Gail Hornstein’s book ‘Agnes’s Jacket’ (2009). Agnes was a patient in a 19th Century German asylum and embroidered intricate coloured texts on the fabric. “Agnes’s jacket is an extrodinary object. It was a way of documenting and protesting about what was happening to her.” Hearing Voices features lead vocals by Melanie Pappenheim mezzo-soprano, Laura Moody on Cello, and Susi Evans on Clarinet. Director Emma Bernard is working closely with visual artist Dragan Aleksic on the projected images that are part of her work on staging of the piece.

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