RWG4_Pook_CMYKReal World Records is proud to re-issue a series of classic gems from its rich catalogue, newly enhanced with bonus tracks — some previously unreleased, some remixed, and some drawn from the artists’ work beyond their original recordings for the label. Included in this retrospective series is a revisiting of Untold Things, the eerie and ethereal 2001 album by Jocelyn Pook, featuring the voice of Jocelyn’s long-term collaborator Melanie Pappenheim (also the singer on the Doctor Who soundtrack). Untold Things now re-emerges further endowed with two bonus tracks.

In a world where everyone seems to know everyone else’s business, thoughts and shoe size, it’s good to have a little mystery. And the music of British composer/pianist/viola player Jocelyn Pook nearly always comes wrapped in plenty of delicious intrigue. Even the title of her 2001 album Untold Things arouses plenty of curiosity. Its 11 pieces continue this motif, drifting in like wisps of mist, gauzy and ghostly. Pook has never taken the easiest road, always aiming beyond the classicist’s familiar domain, stretching her wings to soar over less travelled territory. You can hear it in the alluring, fluttering notes of the qanun, an Arabic variant of the zither. And you can hear it in the ethereal, crystalline voices that rise and recede with clear echoes of the majesty of Les Mystere Des Voix Bulgares. This reprisal of Untold Things, a dozen years after its initial appearance, is enhanced by two suitably haunting extra pieces, Adam’s Lullaby and Ave Maria, both voiced by the ever-immaculate Natacha Atlas. Let the mystery live on.

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