“Jocelyn Pook’s recorded score is haunting and magical, excited and angry…”

“I have no hesitation in making Jocelyn Pook’s Desh my album of 2012.
Dramatic, emotional and a fusion of soundworlds,
Desh is the kind of music you never want to end.”

In 2011, Jocelyn collaborated with Akram Khan on his new project, DESH (homeland), creating a “musical score that surprises at every turn, mixing found material from field trips in Bangladesh with lyrical chants and hymns” (Luke Jennings, The Observer).

“We began in the capital, Dhaka, a place full to bursting with vividness of life and colour. All around there were teetering piles of freight pushed on bicycles, tangles of wires overhead and a loud soundtrack to all this chaos and hustle and bustle of human toil: bells and hoots, car horns, ship sirens, clanks and clashes of metal in the shipyard; then in quieter moments, the sound of children singing, and the gentle squealing of hungry river otters.”

This is a visceral and evocative collection that moves from fragile, intimate works to large scale orchestral pieces, lifting rhythms from the urban chaos captured in Jocelyn’s field recordings. Featuring the singers Melanie Pappenheim, Sohini Alam, Natacha Atlas and Tanja Tzaragoza, the work includes Jocelyn’s piece, Hallelujah, described by one critic as “so beautiful it could break your heart” (The Times).

This album of the soundtrack to DESH, composed by Jocelyn, is available to buy through jocelynpook.com – click the PayPal button below to reserve your copy.

“[Through] Jocelyn Pook’s beguiling score, [Akram Khan’s] yearning 
for his
ancestral home finds a perfect expression…”
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01 Hallelujah
02 Metallic Sonata
03 Honey Bee Story
04 Remembering Noor
05 Teenage Years
06 Ave Maria
07 Ami Opar
08 Bleeding Soles
09 Storm Engine

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DESH is a new full-length contemporary solo and the most personal work to date from celebrated choreographer and performer, Akram Khan. DESH meaning ‘homeland’ in Bengali, draws multiple tales of land, nation, resistance and convergence into the body and voice of one man trying to find his balance in an unstable world. www.akramkhancompany.net
Featuring singers Melanie Pappenheim, Sohini Alam, Natacha Atlas, Labik Kamal, Jeremy Schonfield, Tanja Tzarovska, Jocelyn Pook
Viola violin piano Jocelyn Pook
Cello Sophie Harris
Dotara Labik Kamal
Bulgarian orchestra recorded at Graffitti Studio, Sofia
Score preparation Jon Opstad and Ayanna Witter-Johnson
All music composed and arranged by Jocelyn Pook except:
07 Ami Opar Hoye by Lalon Shah arr. Jocelyn Pook
06 Ave Maria composed by Jocelyn Pook/Natacha Atlas
Music produced by Jocelyn Pook and Steve Parr
Recorded and mixed by Steve Parr