Eyes Wide Shut screening and discussion with Katharina Kubrick, Jocelyn Pook and Matt Wells

Please join us at the BFI Southbank for the screening of Kubricks final film, music by Jocelyn Pook. Followed by a discussion with Katharina Kubrick, Jocelyn Pook and Matt Wells.
Eyes wide shut is an incredible display of precision and suspense, featuring a fragile relationship played out by (then) real-life couple Kidman and Cruise. When Alice Harford admits to her husband Bill that she’s having sexual thoughts about another man, it sets off an obsession in him to have an erotic encounter – which leads him into an unforgiving world that he isn’t prepared for. Shot over a mammoth 15-month period, and based on Arthur Schnitzler’s novella Dream Story, Eyes Wide Shut explores the seductive and dangerous sexual underbelly of New York’s elite..

Kingmaker at BFI London Film Festival

Please join us at BFI London Film Festival screenings of Kingmaker. Music by Jocelyn Pook.
Having spent her years as the First Lady of the Philippines on a heady monopolistic rampage, buying up European jewellery shops and iconic New York skyscrapers, Imelda Marcos is looking for a way to regain control. Her former peers, including the widows of governmental figures, tell the story of a woman scarred by an emotional blow that transformed her into the bulletproof-bra-wearing megalomaniac, who now mythologises her mothering instincts. Female journalists and activists share their horrific experiences of torture under the martial law that the Marcoses initiated, as Imelda was busy displacing an entire island of people to have her own African zoo. This rare focus on the female experience in dictatorships explores the complexity of contemporary Philippine politics and the sinister future it faces.

Proms 2019: Jocelyn Pook at Proms 49: The Lost Words

Jocelyn Pook's new original musical work will be premiered at Prom number 49, featuring the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and performed by the Southbank Sinfonia. Pook's new piece sets words from speeaches by environmental activist Greta Thunberg to music. The concert celebrates the rich musical landscape of nature and is inspired by the bestselling book The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane which revives disappearing words describing the natural world. The concert will be accompanied by live painting by Jackie Morris.